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Avalon at Glastonbury Festival

Since 2010, the team at B-Line Festival Bars has been involved with Glastonbury Festival under the banner of “Avalon Bars & Events”.  However one way or another, we are very proud and privileged to have enjoyed a happy and successful relationship with this iconic Festival for over the last 30 years.

We have a number of significant operational roles at Glastonbury Festival.  One of the major roles is facilitating the wholesale service for all alcohol drinks to over 100 bars. We also directly manage the bar concession agreements across the Festival site for the majority of the bars. This involves the provision of our own directly managed bars and selected independent bar operators.

We work closely with the festival on drinks related sponsorship agreements and activation. For example, we manage the highly successful Bar on the Green as the flagship for Carlsberg UK. We also operate the Craft Cider Bars on behalf of Thatchers Cider Company. These custom designed and produced bars reflect the brand’s heritage and compliment with a unique and festival orientated service.

Trading as Avalon Bars and Events; we also operate, produce and manage 14 of our own uniquely different bars across the festival site. These include the Cockmill, The Meeting Place, Bar on the Green, Glade Bar, Park Bar, Stonebridge Bar and the ever popular West Holts Bar.

These destination style bars are all very different in what they offer and provide for the festival. For example, The Cockmill Bar offers an extensive range of craft and real ales. It comes with bar snugs and traditional wooden designs that reflect the best values and atmosphere of English style hostelry.  The West Holts Bar then compliments the West Holts Stage with all strains of world music. This bar has a real sense of theatre created by having giant Aztec styled foxes standing guard by the entrances to the bar. We programme and manage a stage in this bar throughout the Festival, which adds to the unique carnival feel of this area.

We are pleased to work closely with the charity Shelter, who recruit and provide the majority of the 500 volunteer bar staff. These bar staff are trained each year and then work alongside our professional bar managers and supervisors.