B-Line Festival Bars and its sister company Avalon Bars and Events were established by its Managing Director Tim Mills in 2010. However, Tim’s experience in the UK outdoor and music festival sector began much earlier the that, when in the early 1980’s, he was involved with many of UK national music festivals such as Glastonbury and Cambridge and the Edinburgh Hogmanay in their early start-up and formative years.

Since then Tim has continued to forge strong professional business-to-business and personal relationships with a broad range of music and event promoters across the country, and has established a commercial track record with many UK drinks companies and major brand owners.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience Tim’s expertise now extends across all business aspects of the UK festival and events sector including for example, developing and promoting new and large music events along with the successful delivery of their logistical and commercial operations including bar and venue design, staffing, food catering concessions, markets, cash management, bar concessions, drinks product placements/sponsorships and wholesale support.

Passionate about customer care as a core business value Tim established B-Line Festival Bars to deliver quality services that focus on the needs of event promoters and drinks-related event partners on the one hand, to the end-users of the services – namely the festival goers – on the other.

Tim heads up a highly professional, creative and dynamic management team which has the required skills and expertise to develop and deliver a wide portfolio of events across the country.